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KOK World GP 2017 in Riga
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On December 2, 2017 in the sports and entertainment complex "Arena Riga" for the first time in the fight show two tournaments will take place: the famous international series "MMA BUSHIDO", which will be the first time in Latvia, and the audience of the favorite series "KOK" in 2017 Gran Prix Final, ie "KOK'52. WORLD GP FINAL 2017 IN RIGA ".

In the first half of the evening, in the Battle of MMA Bushido, the best MMA wrestlers in Latvia - Danik Vasnenok, Hasan Medzhiev and others - will fight against the world's strongest fighters.

The KOK'52 WORLD GP FINAL 2017 IN RIGA will win the title of COCO World Champion in one of the most popular weight classes below 85 kg in the second half of the fight. This will be the continuation of the 28 October bout, in which semi-finals and finals will meet the eight athletes selected - those who will win the KOK tournament on October 28 at the Arena in Riga.

In addition, the strongest representatives of Latvian martial arts will perform in the tournament super wrestling: Zaurs Javadov, Vyacheslav Male, Kristaps Bulmeistra, Raimonds Aukštikalnis, etc. Opponents from all over the world are selected for them.

Poster and Selected Action

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