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Kumite 1 League
UAE vs Mumbai
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    Dome Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India
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Bout-9 Mohd Farhad Vs Abdel Malek
Bout-8 Priyanka Jeet Toshi Vs Fatemeh Moslemi
Bout-7 Hardeep Rai Vs Mohamed Fawaz
Bout-6 Paulo Silva Vs Leandro Silva
Bout-5 Hemant Wadekar Vs Hayder Hassan
Bout-4 Antonio Gordillo Vs Dmitry Batok
Bout-3 Kantharaj Agasa Vs Amr Elshnshoury
Bout-2 Yadwinder Singh Vs Khalid Alraimi
Bout-1 Govind Ale Vs Mohamed Gamal

Poster and Selected Action

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