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Kumite III
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Kumite III, live on May 1st from Madison Theater in Covington, KY.

Kumite III has arrived on FITE. Grappling fans have quite the event ahead of them! So don't lose time and check the fight card right here:

Main Event:
Robby Malof vs Michael Maclean

Christopher McKarski vs Matt Joseph
Brian Evans vs Jake Howarth
Mike Cheney vs D Lo

Evan Dewitt vs James Fisher
Mattie Russo vs Daniel Maguire
Bella Gondim vs Sasha Reynolds

Hayden Drake vs Jacob Fagg
Sean Foster vs Markus West
AD Warren vs Chase Bruton

Victor Gondim vs Cody Elder
Emanuel Carey vs Max Stiers
Brandon Loring vs Jimmy Sandlin

Andy Lewis vs Dave Bever
Anthony Jagel vs Eric Moell
Joe Lamberjack vs Kenji Johnston

RJ Hencel vs Steve Pope
Shane Allen vs Ron Pittington
Jamie Redding vs Emily Caswell

Bethany Lassen vs Kelsy Simpson
Dan Zimmerman vs Ross Kasten

*fight card subject to change!

Poster and Selected Action

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