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La Nueva Lucha Libre
Luchamania 1
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On May 19th La Nueva Lucha Libre: Luchamania 1 is airing on TrillerTV+ from Arena San Juan in Mexico. The lineup is already stacked and you can check it below:

Blue Damon Jr vs Juventuo Guerrera vs Dr. Wagner Jr

Eliminator matches for the Campeonato Mundial Super Monster GPCW
Jack Evans & SexyX vs Dios Del Inframundo
El Original Black Taurux vs H. Del Pirata Morgan
Negro Negrete vs Travis Banks

Jessy Jackson vs SexyX vs Sadika in a match for the Campeonato Mundial Feminil GPCW.

The Mexican Superheroes Seperxtar & El Iluxionista vs Megaxtrar & El Mexkal

*lineup subject to change


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