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Lethwei Japan 3 GRIT
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


(80kg)Dave Leduc(CAN) Vs Adem PhenixGym(AUS)
(80kg) Saw Nga Man(MTB) Vs Teruhiko Kubo(JPN)
(69kg) Phyan Thwei(MTB) Vs ARANA (USA)
(65kg) Ta Pwint(MTB) Vs Hikaru Hasumi (Japan)
(60kg) Sa Lai Chan Myae(MTB) Ko Vs Baki (Japan)
(60kg) Kyar Ba Hein(MTB) Vs Cody Moberly (USA)
(56kg) Tain Tite(MTB) Vs Hamamoto Cat Yuta(Japan)
*MTB=Myanmar Traditional Boxing (Lethwei)

Poster and Selected Action

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