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Lights Out Championship 6
Cody Brundage vs Erick Lozano
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays

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10 - 6 - 0


Fight Card:

Erick Lozano vs Cody Brundage
Kenny Cross vs Jonas Flok
Bowe Vincent Jr. vs Dante Brown
Mike Johnson vs Calvin Harbaugh
Christos Piliafas vs Conway Beaudry
Chad Decker vs Shawn Tarlton
Brock Freeze vs Tyler House
Hassan Sayed vs Derek Leal
Jagarr Generous vs Cedric Santana
Damascus Mosley vs Robert Newble
Rashaad Powell vs Forrest Curtis
John Leark vs Malcolm Jones

Poster and Selected Action

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