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Live at NerdinOut Con III
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On October 22nd MAW presents Live at NerdinOut Con III live on FITE! The event features one of wrestling's biggest stars, figuratively and literally - it's the former WWE and WCW star, Scott Steiner.

We're excited to have Big Poppa Pump competing in a MAW ring! Catch him and other MAW stars as we debut on FITE on October 22nd with 7-Huge Matches, check them below:

"Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steinern& Rampage Santana vs Koda Jacobs & Ryan Kross
The Barbarian vs Joey Jet Avalon

Team Nerdin Out (Brad Vigesaa, "Schoolhouse of Rock" Jerry Uhlricher, Leonard Literacy) vs "The Rising" (The System, Bj Seestrom,Jimmy Wylde)

MAW Innovation Championship Ladder Match!
"The Problem" Paul Virk vs Ying Moua vs "the Psycho" Sterling Bond

MAW Women's Showcase Match!
Sierra vs "The Russian Crush" Natalia Markova

"The Tailor of the Squared Circle" Craven Knyte vs JT Energy & DJ Click N Play
The Real Drago & Evgenii Adilov vs Ken E. Dephynce

*lineup subject to change

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