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Memphis Wrestling, Episode 124
Official Replay

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This week, we could very well have a holy war when The Pope makes his Memphis Wrestling television debut!

Plus, the card is absolutely loaded on the fastest hour in pro wrestling!

The Gunshow (c) vs "Astonishing" Austin Mulitalo
We waste no time heading to the ring, as The GunShow kicks things off against the newcomer looking to make a name for himself.

King Cobra Speaks
And the Roberts Family Legacy better listen. King Cobra is back in the house and he something to get off his chest!

Tag Champs Respond
After being attacked by the O' Neal Brothers, Derrick King and Ray Ray Sanders are here to give their reaction. And you know, they will not be happy!

Holy War
The Pope is in the house... and you can only imagine how Reverend Ash Taylor and his Righteous Path feel about it.

Women's Division Match
Sister Jannifer vs DDT Diana Taylor
The Righteous Path looks to make an example out of DDT, especially with The Pope watching!

Austin & Nikki Train
Austin & Nikki Lane want you all to know just how sharp they are staying. We will have a special look at their training.

Big John Dalton vs Storybook Prince Gaston
The challenge has been issued. BJD must defeat Storybook Prince Gaston in order to get an opportunity at Matt Williams and the stolen Ingomar Baseball Dirty Bird Championship belt! This is Must Win!

New # 1 Contender?
This time, it's in the Women's Division! Big news on how we will determine the #1 contender!

Main Event - Tag Team Warfare
Roberts Family Legacy vs Mike Anthony & K-Toomer
King Cobra stepped in and business picked up! This week, these 2 teams square off but with a special enforcer at ringside!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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