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Memphis Wrestling, Episode 84
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Welcome to another exciting edition of Memphis Wrestling! This week, it's the Aftermath from Teddy Long's laying down the law! What will Jimmy Blaylock have in store for his Hollywood Clique... and Ray Ray Sanders? Here's the lineup for today's episode

Gio Savage vs Cameron Cole
As a part of Teddy Long's new talent initiative, he's given Cam Cole an opportunity here on Memphis Wrestling! Let's see if he can capitalize!

We'll hear from the new Memphis Wrestling Women's Champion Cassandra Golden!

Shalonce Royal vs Nyxx
These 2 have history. Don't think Nyxx forgot what Shalonce' did at Guantlet for Gold 2. Now, it's 1 on 1!

Tag Team Match
The Skimahorns vs Dysfunction
Not only will we get an update on the Skimahorns, but they're back in action today in the form of Uncle Mikey and Brad!

Fatjitsu Exhibition - K Toomer
Who is big and bad enough to step up to The Big Man K Toomer? We'll find out.

Main Event - Bullrope Grudge Match
The Best of the Best Austin Lane vs Matt Williams
It's come down to this. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. These 2 former best friends will collide... while strapped together with a Bullrope!

What will Jimmy Blaylock do? That's the big question.
Jimmy is HighlyI upset at what happened last week with Ray Ray Sanders counting Van Viciouss' shoulders to the mat. What will he do about it? What does Jimmy Blaylock have in store for his Hollywood Clique... and Ray Ray Sanders?

You never know what will happen on the fastest hour in pro wrestling!

*lineup subject to change

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