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Men of War 12
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Due to a snow storm on Saturday(January 29th) Men of War 12 has been moved back 1 day to January 30th and yes it will be live on FITE! Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

Title Match
33. Tevin Dyce vs AJ Discianni 145lbs

Title Match
32. Gabrielle Mignone vs Trista Kline 125lbs

31. Marco Delgado vs CJ Cameron 155lbs
30. Kevin Shannon vs CJ Fay 155lbs
29. Max Lemos vs Liam Heslin 165lbs
28 Andrew Marrero vs AJ McGinty 200lbs
27. Dallas Sanchez vs Rob Walder 220lbs
26. Alex Rykowski vs Zachary Siemasko 140lbs
25. Bridget Grace vs Lydia Bergamasco 165lbs
24. Jorge Rivera vs Anthony Kremzukou 140lbs
23. Damian Maver vs Ryan Andrus 145lbs
22. Jess Sanchez vs Kato Machin 150lbs
21. Alex Rios vs Michael Villarreal 150lbs
20. Billy McMann vs Christian Jones 160lbs
19. Cathryn Millares vs Christina Pinto 120lbs
18. Liam Heslin vs Wesam Saleh 155lbs
17. John Filoon vs Christopher Hayes 215lbs
16. Christina Blue vs Jackle Micale 140lbs
15. Estevan Soto vs Angelo Sullo 130lbs
14. Cole Cameron vs Tyler Carroll 155lbs
13. Jeevanie Liliah vs Kato Machin 120lbs
12. Christian Bautista vs Eric Cruz 150lbs
11. Andrew Aeberti vs Anthony Dante 185lbs
10. Aleah Green vs Hannah Rosario 125lbs
9. Tommy Piccuro vs Sudeep Raj 170lbs
8. Kristopher Rivero vs Vincent Pagnotta 150lbs
7. Sam Vorbe vs Cullen Ratchford 170lbs
6. Logan Appleby vs Trystian Books 145lbs
5. Lei Lumba vs Maiya Lang 115lbs
4. Chase Wilson vs Anthony Malguti 225lbs
3. AJ Diaco vs Tobias Maltals 64lbs
2. Alden Tillman vs Alexander King 135lbs
1. Cole Maver vs Aidyn RIvera 70lbs

*Fight Card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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