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Mikenta Fight Night 4
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On September 10th Mikenta Fight Night presents its 4th edition Live on FITE straight from MusikTeatret Albertslund.
The full fight card is already announced and you can check it below:

Main Card:
Danish Championship Title Fight
-67kg B class 3x3min: Mikkel Vibolt vs Christian Hendriksen

-78kg A class 3x3min: Nicolai Bartholin vs Devon Leeuwin
-61kg A class 3x3min: Oliver Simonsen vs Ali Merhwash

Special rules
1.Round Boxing, 2.Round Thaiboxing (Boxing gloves), 3.Round MMA (MMA Gloves)

-67kg A class 3x3min: Rhassan Muhareb vs Mervin Moor
-81kg A class 3x3min: Frederik Winther vs Marcus liljedorf

Middle Card:
Danish Championship Title Fight
-45kg U/15 class 3x2min: Mikail Mosleh vs Luca Coker

-71kg C class 3x2min: Kion Hjørdie vs Bilal Chatila
-75kg B class 5x2min: Peder Tækker vs Max løvberg
-59kg B class 5x2min: Yara Saleh vs Elizabeth Maxwell

WBC European Championship Title Fight
-57kg u/19 5x2min: Jaspar Landal vs Freddie Haggerty

-71kg C class 3x2min: TBA vs Hussein Khaleel
-69kg C class 3x2min: Hussein Ijaz vs Charlie Toma
-60kg C class 3x2min: Katharina Visbech vs Sascha Stork
-73kg C class 3x2min: Farhan Nuur vs Kristoffer Modig

*fight card subject to change!

Poster and Selected Action

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