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MuayThai Grand Prix
Fight Night, March 2nd
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On March 2nd MuayThai Grand Prix is back live on TrillerTV+ with another stacked fight card of MuayThai, kickboxing and MMA fights!

Athur Brossier vs Jack Maguire
Elias Naji vs Victor Rusu
Souheil Kaouchen vs Yanis Sakaneno

Nasmi Iliassa vs Abdelhamid Bensaber
Sofiane Djellab vs Germain Kpoghomou
Yanisse Rouache vs John Cavallucci

Martina Jurco vs Precious Spencer
Hamza Lameche vs Sekou Fall
Quentin Pierrot vs Yacin Cetinbag

Corentin Legal vs Aymen Bensakhria
Ryan Imarazene vs Janith Akmemana
Sonia Bouchair vs Dalila Tanzy

Nawfel El Rhoul vs Abdelqader Bayejou
Adam Bara vs Ely Dieng
Hugo Duboe vs Bourahima Cisse

Rodny Belfroy vs Thomas Gosso
Ib Doukansi vs Ulrich Tiebe
Aziz Abdelaoui vs Samuel Smara

Nawfal Kennouzi vs Rayane Dahbi

*Subject to change


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