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Ni Un Paso Atrás
Gholam, Moya, Lejarraga & Sorroche
Official PPV Replay

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17 - 1 - 0
Super Lightweight


3 Professional Boxing Championships:
Alejandro Moya vs Rubén Rodríguez (Cto España S. Ligero)
Melania Sorroche vs Violeta González (Cto Europa Gallo)
Moussa Gholam vs Suriya Tatakhum (WBO Intercontinental S. Pluma)

Kerman Lejarraga vs Anderson Clayton
Abigail Medina vs Arturo López
Isaac Farré vs Dani Cárdenas
Ronny Landaeta vs Edwin Palacios
Fran Navarro vs Francis Morales
John Carter vs Yesner Talavera

A poster of authentic luxury whose protagonists arrive in Barcelona endorsed by:
Strength: 158 KOs
Quality: 75 Belts
Experience: 318 Fights

You have never seen anything like it ... Do not stay out of this historic evening and be part of the madness that is waking up "Not A Step Back"

Poster and Selected Action

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