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No Retreat, No Surrender
FITE Movie Event
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RIFFTRAX, the comedic creators and voices of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy, are at it again! They offer up for your consumption, the RIFFTRAX Alternative Commentary of the classic, NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER - a FITE Movie Event!

Join us on October 18th debut for the live chat shenanigans, or enjoy it on FITE On Demand.

Jason Stillwell is a karate student and a great fan of Bruce Lee. His father has a dojo and he trains there. One evening after the trainings the dojo is visited by members of an organized crime syndicate looking to take over all the dojos in the country. Jason's father refuses to join the organization and his leg is broken by a Soviet martial artist named Ivan Kraschinski (Jean-Claude Van Damme).

This makes Stillwell family to relocate to Seattle. The situation in Seattle is hard for Jason, he is constantly beaten and harassed by the local bullies. After getting beaten up and humiliated by Scott and Dean at his girlfriend birthday party, Jason visits the grave of Bruce Lee and beseeches him for aid. The same night he is suddenly awakened by the soul of Bruce Lee, who appears to Jason and begins to train him.

Later on, Jason, Tom and R. J attend an annual full contact kickboxing tournament featuring teams from Seattle and New York. The crime syndicate interrupts the tournament and challenges all the participants to face off Ivan. In one of the fights Jason's girlfriend (Kelly) tries to stop Ivan by hitting him with a stool, but the Soviet disarms her and grabs her by the hair. Angered by this, Jason charges to the ring and attacks Ivan to the delight of the crowd. Utilizing his advanced training, Jason is finally able to conquer his nemesis and earns the respect of his peers and family, who celebrate with him as the frustrated crime syndicate leaves Seattle.

Kurt McKinney as Jason Stillwell
Jean-Claude Van Damme as Ivan Kraschinsky the Russian
J.W. Fails as R.J. Madison
Ron Pohnel as Ian Reilly
Kathie Sileno as Kelly Reilly
Peter Cunningham as Frank Peters (as Pete Cunningham)
Kent Lipham as Scott

Directed by:
Corey Yuen

Story by:
Corey Yuen
Ng See-yuen

Screenplay by:
Keith W. Strandberg

Also in the cast:
Tae-jeong Kim, Dale Jacoby, Timothy D. Baker, Gloria Marziano, Joe Verroca, Farid Panahi, Tom Harris, John Andes, Mark Zacharatos, Ty Martinez, Bob Johnene, Dennis Casey Park, Alex Stelter, Harold Engel, Jerry Cole, Ken Firestone, Wayne Yee, Charlie Sparks, Lynetta Welch, Carin Badger, Tina Erickson, Corey Jordan, Neil Rozbaruch, George Maso, Robert Villeaux, Dave Robinson, Keith W. Strandberg, Ruckins McKinley, Roz McKinley, Steve Marcello Arce, Jamie Krasnoo, Michele Krasnoo, Brandon Pender, Rey-Phillip Santos, Sharice Zulo


  • October 13, 2020

    FITE, the premiere global digital platform for sports and entertainment announced the PPV carriage of the classic 1986 martial arts movie, No Retreat, No Surrender, - but – with a twist. This version of the film comes with a comedic Alternative Commentary released in 2015 from the folks at RIFFTRAX, the creators and original voices of Mystery Science Theater 3000: Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy and Mike Nelson. Known for skewering all types of cinema, this trio holds nothing back from wisecracking their way through the entire film. To fully enjoy …

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