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Ogitchidaa Fight Promotions Warrior Games III
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


Orion Cosce vs. Izzy William 170 lbs
Justin DeMoney vs. Rmandel Cameron 170 lbs
Natanna Ketley vs. E. McMullin 155 lbs
Gustavo Rodriguez vs. Sinjen Ruby 155 lbs
M. Dantas, Jr. vs. Tyler Mathison 155 lbs
Mitchell Williams vs. Damon Defoe 135 lbs
Gary Konkol vs. Nick Talavera 145 lbs
Pete Keepers vs. Cory Magnuson 170 lbs
W. Vandervier vs. Nate Draper 205 lbs
Will Ashmun vs. Jacob Heavlin 265 lbs
I. Gathings Jr. vs. Levi Millhausen 155 lbs
Brandon Basina vs. Blaine Kelley 185 lbs
James Bennett vs. Matthew Acevedo 125 lbs
Trace Engelkes vs. Demarkus Griffin 185 lbs

Poster and Selected Action

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