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Pinnacle Combat 30
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Pro Fight Card
Jeff Jepsen vs Tony Crowder (135)
Keegan Witbeck vs Chris Johnson (135)
David Hartline vs Taurean Bogguess (170)

Amateur Fight Card
TJ Burghy vs Teo Duarte (145) - Feather Weight Championship
Damarcus Johnson vs Curtis Gerber (170)
Austin Houp vs Dylan Roed (135)
Derrick Johnson vs Travis Vincent (170)
Dean Robinett vs Brandon Trees (170)
Nick Longoria vs Scott Buffington (155)
Kendall Gibbs vs Jaquan Weeks
Ronnie Gibbs vs Brynn Heathcock (135)
Marty Steffan vs Mikey Phillips (135)
Zack Riley vs Mike Gundey (185) - Heavy Weight

Poster and Selected Action

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