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Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On March 18th, PPW presents Reborn on FITE! The show features talents such as Davey Richards, Killer Kross, Afa Jr, Mike Orlando, Earl Hebner, Brian Johnson, PPW Heavyweight Champion Breaux Keller and more!

Check out the full lineup below:

PPW Heavyweight Championship Match:
Breaux Keller vs Brian Johnson w/ Mr. Ruda

Killer Kross vs Davey Richards

PPW Women's Championship Match:
Dani Mo vs Adena Steele vs Cosmic

PPW Television Championship Match:
Foxx Vinyer w/ Joe Davis vs Griffin McCoy

PPW No Limits Championship Rumble Match:
Rembrandt vs Chris Slade w/ Sheeva vs Issak Ruhl vs Madd Dawg vsTimothy Theory vs Andy Header vs Adrian Soriano vs Bison

Afa Jr. vs Mike Orlando

Joey Martinez w/ Mr. Ruda vs Tarzan Duran w/ CR O'Malley

PPW Tag Team Championship Match:
Primal Fear (Matthew Omen and Gabriel Hodder) w/ Delilah vs South Philly's Finest (Jimmy Konway and Luca Brazzi) (c) vs Sky High (Azreal Kyyam and Diego Hill)

Action Andretti vs Jordan Oliver

Dark STG vs Juan Santiago and Trey Peterson

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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