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Prestige FC 12
Official PPV Replay

  • Bell Time
  • Duration
  • Genres
    Boxing, MMA
  • Channel
    Prestige FC 
  • Venue
    Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre, Alberta, Canada
  • Ratings
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* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


8. Dan Kovalchuk vs Mark Mosure - Welterweight Title Fight AM MMA

7. Steve dubeck vs Josh kitchen - PRO Boxing

6. Tom Deneve vs David Garcia

5. Manny Riviera vs Russ Long - AM MMA

4. Abderrahmane Haddad vs Luis Martinez - PRO Kickboxing

3. Ryan Spurrier vs Jack Alexander - AM MMA

2. Christen Breigan vs Ian Stoby - AM Kickboxing

1. Matt Nelson vs Geoff Loken - AM MMA

Poster and Selected Action

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