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Pretender to Contender
Whatever It Takes
Official Replay

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    Ellis Boxing 
  • Venue
    Melbourne Pavilion, Kensington, Australia
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Mick Maio VS Daniel John-Richard Sahyounie
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Australia Country Australia
  58% Votes 42%  
Luke Packham VS Shannon Karaka
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  36% Votes 64%  

Fight Card

Mick Maio 4 Daniel John-Richard Sahyounie
Luke Packham 3 Shannon Karaka
Todd Elton 2 Sam Carraro
Ciarran Stott 1 Roland Bradley


On October 23rd Pretender to Contender: Whatever It Takes is live on FITE straight from Mellbourne Pavillion! The event is headlined by the YouTube star Daniel Skip fighting against the model and influencer Mick Maio!

Main Event - Pretender to Contender Belt
Shaun Guerra vs Bredan Sacco

Co-Main Event - PalmerBet Cup
Vinnie Smart vs Anthony Giampetrone

Riaz Rind vs Leondro Caluma
Healing Tofa vs Joseph Tulaga
Jack Pelligana vs Jeremiah Naikovu

Michael Sultana vs Matthew Gerace
Michael Gibson vs Andy Quach
Ziryan Mohammed vs Pele Uliueta

Brock Healthcote vs Hayden Setellini
Caitlin Patel vs Brianna Rachkidi
James Cassar vs Jhye Wilkie

Grace Zammit vs Marlee Ward-Davies
Simba Chikanya vs Mitchell Fisher
Cameron Absolum vs Diego Ferandez

Anthony Fairnacci vs Ricky Burnes
Rhys MacLean-Currie vs Daniel Westblade
Zaroon Mohammed vs Jimmy Yates

Rose Burns vs Sarah Curzi
Declan Storms vs Luke Cassar
Matt McDonald vs Winosh Diyunugala

Beth Logan vs Ashlee Mineo
Stephen Lucic vs Alexander Voight
Jack Ferguson vs Damian Lapozzuto

Tune in, order today and watch on FITE!

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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