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Ring of Combat 72
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On June 19th Ring of Combat 72 is live on FITE! The event features three title fights. The first one is between Chris Ianieri and Aaron Brito for the ROC Vacant Bantamweight Title. In the second Chris Guariglia takes on Torance Lacour for the ROC Vacant Lightweight title and the third one is for the 140lbs division where Diego Jagessar faces off Kelvin Sterling for the Tri Fighting Title. THIS IS NOT LIVE, No internet at the venue, so it will be available in 48 hours after it finishes.

Check the full fight card below:

125 lbs Xhelal Lleshi vs Christopher Joexe Pereira
125lbs Dylan LaPalomento vs Cristian Hernandez Ramos
135lbs Steve Lee vs Eric Gonzalez
145lbs Devin Thomas vs Michael Villarreal

ROC Vacant Bantamweight Championship
135lbs Chris Ianieri vs Aaron Brito

155lbs Daekwon Malone vs Cameron Scalio
155lbs Paul McCullough vs Kristopher Frank
155lbs John O'Dea vs Joseph Coles
155lbs Anthony Dilemme vs Scott Thompson

ROC Vacant Lightweight Championship
155lbs Chris Guariglia vs Torance Lacour

170lbs Asylbek Sulaimanov vs Brennan Monaghan
185lbs Manny Morales vs Rob Rinck
125lbs Sophia Salgado vs Dariela Colon
125lbs Bryce Layme vs Joseph Rios

135lbs Tony Stewart vs Steve Phelan
140lbs Nezzar Dimes vs Shawn Polis
145lbs Ricardo Jimenez vs Steven Calero
145lbs Noah Donawa vs Samuel Viana

Don Carim Jr. vs Elvis Lebron Quiles
170lbs Eric Nolan vs Marcus Chin
185lbs Dennis Hickey vs Nart Gokeh
135lbs Ryan Burgos vs Matthew Fernandez

160lbs Samir Zaimi vs Jonathan Alvarez
170lbs Angel Rodriguez vs Eyad Ibrahim

Tri Fighting Championship
140lbs Diego Jagessar vs Kelvin Sterling
115lbs Mariah Castro vs Melanie Choy
125lbs Mary Kupp vs Marissa Vanglahn

152lbs Brian Parpan vs Eugene Leusenko
170lbs Daniel Yakobov vs Kyle Troyan
155lbs Ibrahim Simreen vs Luca Finocchio

*Fight card subject to change!

Poster and Selected Action

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