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RIZIN.14 With Floyd Mayweather vs. Tenshin Nasukawa
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays
Tenshin Nasukawa VS Floyd Mayweather Jr
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5'4" Height 5'8"
Japan Country United States
  46% Votes 54%  
Kyoji Horiguchi VS Darrion Caldwell
    "The Wolf"
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5'5" Height 5'10"
Japan Country United States
  70% Votes 30%  

Fight Card

Tenshin Nasukawa 14 Floyd Mayweather Jr
Kyoji Horiguchi 13 Darrion Caldwell
  "The Wolf"
Kanna Asakura 12 Ayaka Hamasaki
Jiri Prochazka 11 Brandon Halsey
Gabrielle Garcia 10 Barbara Nepomuceno
Daron Cruickshank 9 Damien Brown
"The Detroit Superstar" "BEATDOWN"
Mika Nagano 8 Miyuu Yamamoto
Kazuyuki Miyata 7 Erson Yamamoto
Yusuke Yachi 6 Johnny Case
Yuki Motoya 5 Justin Scoggins
Shinju Nozawa-Auclair 3 Justyna Zofia Haba
Nobumitsu Osawa 2 Tofik Musaev


Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Tenshin Nasukawa **Special Exhibition
– Three minutes per round for three rounds
– Straight boxing rules
– Both will wear either RIZIN 8 ounce gloves
– Weight: 147lbs/67.7kg
– No judges
– This will be full contact competition, but the bout is not going on boxing or MMA records

RIZIN Bantamweight Title fight [61.0kg / 134.5lb] 3 x 5 minutes *No Elbows
Kyoji Horiguchi vs Darrion Caldwell

RIZIN Super Atomweight Title fight [49.0kg / 108.0lb] 3 x 5 minutes *Elbows allowed
Kanna Asakura vs Ayaka Hamasaki

[93.0kg / 205.0lb] First round 10 minutes x Second round 5 minutes * Elbows allowed
Jiri Prochazka vs Brandon Halsey

[102.5.0kg / 226 lbs] 3 x 5 minute rounds *Elbows allowed
Gabi Garcia vs Barbara Nepomuceno

[70.0kg / 153.4lb] 3 x 5 minute rounds *Elbows allowed
Daron Cruickshank vs Damien Brown

[51.0kg / 112 lbs] 3 x 5 minute rounds *Elbows allowed
Mika Nagano vs Miyuu Yamamoto

[65.0kg / 143.3lbs] 3 x 5 minute rounds *Elbows allowed
Kazuyuki Miyata vs Erson Yamamoto

[70.0kg / 154.3lb] 3 x 5 minutes *No Elbows
Yusuke Yachi vs Johnny Case

[60.kg / 132.2lb] 3 x 5 minutes * Elbows allowed
Yuki Motoya vs Justin Scoggins

[59.0kg / 130.0lb] 3 x 5 minutes *Elbows allowed
Ulka Sasaki vs Manel Kape

[57.0kg / 125.6lb] 3 x 5 minutes rounds * Elbows allowed
Shinju Auclair vs Justyna Haba

[70.0kg / 154.3lb] 3 x 5 minutes *No Elbows
Tyson Nobumitsu vs Tofiq Musaev

[49.0kg / 108.0lb] 3 x 5 minutes *No Elbows
RENA vs Smantha Jean Francois - Cancelled on Dec 31

WATCH RIZIN Heisei's Last Yarennoka FREE Shortly after the conclusion of RIZIN.14 - https://www.FITE/watch/rizin-heiseis-last-yarennoka/2ofl0/

Poster and Selected Action

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