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Rugby League World Cup
All Events Men's Bundle
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Rugby League World Cup England 2021 live on FITE from October 15th until November 19th.
Rugby League World Cup England 2021 has arrived on FITE. Rugby fans have quite the tournament ahead of them and now by buying Rugby League World Cup: All Events Men's Bundle you receive all the events included in the Rugby League World Cup England 2021 - these are 31 Games, including the finals and FITE exclusive games at a great price of $99.99!

Here is what you will get at this great price:

Round 1 Games

October 15th
9:20am ET - England vs Samoa
2:20pm ET - Australia vs Fiji

October 16th
9:20am ET - Scotland vs Italy
11:50am ET - Jamaica vs Ireland
2:20pm ET - New Zealand vs Lebanon

October 17th
2:20pm ET - France vs Greece (Exclusively on FITE)

October 18th
2:20pm ET - Tonga vs Papua New Guinea (Exclusively on FITE)

October 19th
2:20pm ET - Wales vs Cook Islands

Round 2 Games

October 21st
2:20pm ET - Australia vs Scotland

October 22nd
9:20am ET - Fiji vs Italy (Exclusively on FITE)
11:50am ET - England vs France
2:20pm ET - New Zealand vs Jamaica

October 23rd
9:20am ET - Lebanon vs Ireland
11:50am ET - Samoa vs Greece (Exclusively on FITE)

October 24th
2:20pm ET - Tonga vs Wales

October 25th
2:20pm ET - Papua New Guinea vs Cook Islands (Exclusively on FITE)

Round 3 Games

October 28th
2:20pm ET - New Zealand vs Ireland

October 29th
9:20am ET - England vs Greece
11:50am ET - Fiji vs Scotland
2:20pm ET - Australia vs Italy

October 30th
7:50am ET - Lebanon vs Jamaica (Exclusively on FITE)
10:20am ET - Tonga vs Cook Islands (Exclusively on FITE)
12:50pm ET - Samoa vs France

October 31st
3:20pm ET - Papua New Guinea vs Wales

Quarter Final Games

November 4th
3:20pm ET - Group B vs Group C

November 5th
10:20am ET - Group A vs Group D
3:20pm ET - Group C vs Group B runner-up

November 6th
9:20am ET - Group D vs Group A runner-up

Semi Final Games

November 11th
2:35pm ET - Quarter Winner vs Quarter Winner

November 12th
9:20am ET - Quarter Winner vs Quarter Winner

Finals - November 19th
10:50am ET - Semi Finalist vs Semi Finalist

*schedule subject to change


  • October 5, 2022

    The COVID-delayed event will be available live via the FITE platform to the USA and all of North, Central and South America, Germany, Italy, Spain and most of Europe, Africa, and other major markets New York, NY (October 5, 2022)--The Rugby League World Cup's COVID-delayed 2021 event will be seen by more people around the world via FITE than any other platform, it was announced today, thanks to Integrated Sports Media (ISM) and RDA Sports Media Rights and their trust in FITE to handle largest share of the globe. The …

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