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Rumble in the Cage 57
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


Canada's longest-running MMA promotion brings you Super-Boxing, Combat Jiu Jitsu & MMA fights all in one action-packed night.

Main Card:
12) Am MMA 155lbs- Evan Piercey (2-0) vs. Connor Krebs (1-0)
11) Am MMA 165lbs- Mike Parsons (4-1) vs. Nick Leblanc (2-1)
10) Am MMA 150lbs- Sierra Dinwoodie (3-0) vs. Melissa Croden (2-0)
9) Super-Bx 145lbs- Jordan McLaren vs. Sean Bone
8) Super-BX 160lbs- Steven Thomas vs. Dustin Heintz
7) Super-BX 185lbs- Mark Arreola vs. Brandon Conway
6) Am MMA 175lbs- Jake Maier (1-0) vs. Richie Hall (0-1)


5) Am MMA 185lbs- Dan Kovalchuk (1-0) vs. Alejandro Castillo Dumas (0-1)
4) Super-BX155lbs- Andrew Mavridis vs. Kurt Spizwaka
3) Super-BX 145lbs- Raj Mahil vs. Izzuden Atmeh
2) CJJ 175lbs - Derek Gatz vs Colton Boxell
1) Am MMA 155lbs- Sean Carroll (0-0) vs. Jared Shipley (0-0)

Poster and Selected Action

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