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South America Qualifiers, Qatar 2022
Bolivia vs Argentina
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It's October 13th and it's the beginning of the second round of the South America Qualifiers, Qatar 2022! Today's match kicks off with Bolivia vs Argentina at Estadio Hernando Siles, La Paz.

The national football team of Argentina defeated Bolivia 27 times out of 39 games. But the biggest defeat of Argentina was by Bolivia in a huge 6-1 defeat in 2009!

In 2016 both national teams played for the FIFA World Cup and Argentina won 2:0, but in 2017 they met each other again for the FIFA World Cup and Bolivia won 2-0.

The national soccer team of Bolivia has his chances against Argentina, but let's not forget that the national football team of Argentina is in 9th place (20 February 2020) of FIFA ranking and are not easy to beat!

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