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Shamrock FC 329
Erion Zekthi vs. Dillon Tolbert
Official Replay

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"The Albanian One"
6 - 2 - 0


On June 26th Shamrock 329 is live on FITE! This is the second event of the Shamrock weekend! Tune in, order today and stay tuned for more information to be announced shortly!

Main Card
Erion Zekthi vs. Dillon Tolbert
Jeff Crotty vs. Prez Dent
Corbin Howard vs. Lantz Nave
Garrett Armfield vs. Alex Macias
Ian Zarvos vs. Bo Smith (kickboxing)

Preliminary Card
Derek McMillian vs. Jackson Henson
Joshua Mitchell vs. Dominic Rohlfing
Libby Pecher vs. Trinity Fiori
Bryaun Manuel vs Jonah Andrews
Jose Intriago vs. Timmy Smith
James Selzer vs. Josh Cochran (kickboxing)
John Kelly vs. Jordan Coffman
Alec Reid vs. Jose DeAvila-Diaz

Poster and Selected Action

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