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Claressa Shields vs Maricela Cornejo
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Claressa Shields VS Maricela Cornejo
"T-Rex"   "La Diva"
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5'8" Height 5'10"
United States Country United States
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Fight Card

Claressa Shields 7 Maricela Cornejo
"T-Rex" "La Diva"
Ardreal Holmes Jr. 6 Wendy Toussaint
Marlon Harrington 5 Gheith Karim
Ronnell Burnett 4 Joshua Pagan
Joseph Hicks 3 Antonio Todd
Sarah Liegmann 2 Carisse Brown
Vernon Webber 1 Fernando Rodrigo Simoes De Almeida


On June 3rd Claressa Shields faces off Maricela Cornejo in a Undisputed Female Middleweight Title bout live on FITE straight from Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, MI. Maricela Cornejo is last minute opponent after Hanna Gabriels failed on tests.

Cornejo has lost all three times when challenged for world titles, but she has three wins in a row over opponents and is at her best form ever.

Claressa Shields vs Maricela Cornejo is broadcasting on June 3rd live right here FITE, and find out who will come out on top. Will the Undisputed Middleweight Champion Claressa Shields will continue her reign or Maricela Cornejo will have her lifetime moment of glory by defeating the undefeated Unification Champion Shields?

Tune in, order today and find out right here on FITE!

*fight card subject to change


  • May 31, 2023

    By Curran Bhatia #1 - "THE GWOAT" IS BACK IN ACTION - WHEN CLARESSA SHIELDS FIGHTS, YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS WITNESSING THE GREATEST WOMAN OF ALL TIME COMPETE In the exhilarating world of professional boxing, where legends are made, and champions are born, one name shines brighter than the rest: Claressa Shields. With a unique blend of skill, power, and an unyielding determination, Shields has carved her path to greatness, becoming a force to be reckoned with. The accolades bestowed upon her are many, but one nickname stands out …

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