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Shin do Kumate' XVII
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Replay starts on Aug 21 10:17 AM EDT


The Quest for the Greatest Martial Arts Warrior features high caliber professional Muay Thai fighters such as Cyrus Washington, Alex Berrios, Tony Leone, Pedro Cassoma and many more. Come experience an exciting night filled with Kumaté techniques, which include elbows, spinning roundhouse kicks, ax kicks, shin-to-shin low kicks, high kicks, and knees to the entire body. Male and female fighters with multiple skills and masters of single disciplines, as well as multi-disciplined athletes, compete against each other within their appropriate weight division. There is a 70% knockout ratio in Shin Do Kumaté events, which is why we use the phrase, "We Don't Tap Out, We Knock-Out"

Poster and Selected Action

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