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Slam Arena 2020, K1-Edition
Alcorac Caballero vs Sergio Sanchez
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Slam Arena 2020, K1-Edition has arrived on FITE! The preliminary fight card has 4 matches and the main card consists of 5 more fights and 7 of the fighters in it are Muay Thay and K-1 Champions. In the main event the Champion of Spain CEKT K-1 Pro and Europe ISKA K-1 Pro Alcorac Caballero takes on Sergio Sanchez!
Check the full intense fight card below:

Main Event:
Alcorac Caballero vs Sergio Sanchez - K-1

Co-Main Event:
Isaac Araya vs Antonio Orden - Muay Thai

Alejandro Carrasco vs Nacho Menen - K-1
Damaris Olivares vs Lara Fernandez - K-1
Tony Romero vs Victor Omar Mora - Muay Thai
Aixay Hernandez vs Mikel Sortino - K-1
Said Ennayeb vs Jorge Rodríguez - K-1
Marco Betancourt vs Anouar Bensaed - K-1
Alberto Mendez vs Kevin Bravo - K-1

*Fight Card is subject to change!

Poster and Selected Action

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