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SLAP Mountain, Episode 1
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'Big James Mayhem' and 'Red Solo Cup' face each in the first Quarterfinal Matchup of the Amateur Slap Tournament held at SLAP Mountain. Commentary by JT Tilley


  • February 23, 2022

    For entertainment purposes only – it cannot be stressed enough –Slap Mountain, a look into a backwoods slap fighting club was put together by SlapFight Championship from found footage to celebrate the madness of the world's fastest growing sport and its underground origins Undisclosed Location in Alabama (February 23, 2022)--SlapFighting, the sport so extreme and shocking you'd think it was parody proof, has gotten its own comedy & quasi-reality show with Slap Mountain, where you can see fighters like Cornbread and Red Solo Cup trade blows over a folding table …

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