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SlapFight Championship
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Coach Killa VS Wolverine
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5'10" Height 6'1"
United States Country United States
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Fight Card

Coach Killa 5 Wolverine
Battle Axe 4 Bayou Bastard
the Butcher 3 Shamokin Thunder Clap
White Simba 2 Young James
Johnny Juice 1 Leadbelt Chapman


On November 12th one of the worlds leading innovators of Competitve Slapping, SlapFIGHT Championship returns on FITE with their second Underground Slap Fighting Event - it's a SlapFight Championship: Redemption. The event features the highly anticipated rematch of Undisputed Light Heavyweight Champion ‘Wolverine' and Undisputed Middleweight Champion ‘Coach Killa. Both fighters met in SlapFight: Vendeta when Wolverine won the Slap Fight Light Heavyweight Championship. This time
the Winner of this match will become Slapfighting's 1st double Champion. The loser will no longer compete at SlapFight Championship!

Tune in, order today and watch on FITE to find out who will take all - Wolverine or Coach Killa.

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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