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Superior Challenge 21
Adam Westlund vs Tobias Harila
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Superior Challenge is back with thrilling event! On November 28th Superior Challenge 21 is live on FITE! In the main event Adam Westlund takes on Tobias Harila! In the main supportive event Karl Albrektsson faces off Amilcar Alves. You can find the full fight card below:

Main Event:
70,3kg Adam Westlund vs Tobias Harila

Co-Main Events:
93kg Karl Albrektsson vs Amilcar Alves
61,2kg Bartosz Wojcikiewicz vs Raymison Bruno

77,1kg Robin Roos vs Cristian Corujo
68kg Fernando Flores vs Robert Nyström
77,1kg Moraad Moreno vs Oskar Biller
61,2kg Fadi Asfar vs Shoeb Akrami

*Fight card subject to change!

Poster and Selected Action

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