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Tampa Bay Live 55
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Tampa Bay Live 55 is live on FITE Sunday afternoon from 1pm to 4pm ET at the iconic Sparkman Wharf on the Riverwalk in downtown Tampa.

The event features athletes, celebrities and broadcasters hosting topics and entertainment surrounding the game. Confirmed hosts include Tiki Barber, Montel Williams, Art Edmunds, Viorica Bruni and Brady Ackerman.

Guests include Titus ONeil, Tino Martinez, Ken Shamrock, Carl Everett, Keith McCants, Darryl Talley, Lacy Evans and more.

Game analysis will be one of many aspects of this event. You can also enjoy fan engagement, culinary, fashion, game preparation and a military segment all featured from the host city.

Join FITE and enjoy your afternoon with Tampa Bay Live 55 live on FITE!

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