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Tampa Bay Pro Wrestling
Episode 43
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Join us for the "Bash At Beef's II" Supershow event.

"The Crown Jewel" of the Cabinet Mr. Steven Frick has issued an open challenge, who will answer it?

Boone "The Gator King" w/ Father Jim takes on "The Supreme" Clayton Cross
Debuting "Six Tool Product" Anthony Catena takes on Hadar Horwitz

Debuting Brandon Delgado takes on "The CEO of the Heater's" Dale Oscar Marus (D.O.M.)
Loser leaves town as "The Hired Gun" S.A.M.U.E.L. C takes on "Thicc Daddy" Andy Brown

A Five Way Fray featuring "Deathmatch Scum" Ruby Flyer, "Pyscho" Chase McCoy, Ori Gold, "The Last Cause" Liam Walker, and Rafael Delgado.

Leader of Cirice, Princess Josh wants to showcase his "Midway Monster's" consisting of 600lb Tweedle Die and the Mysterious Barnabus K, what two poor souls will step up to them?

In the main event, for the SWA Tag-Team Championship
Exodus (Casper & Josh Wise) challenges The Renegades (Dax & Chris Calloway)

Officials: Brian Rubright
Broadcast Team: Princess Josh Johnson, Donnie Harris Jr. and Jordan Pierce Owens

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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