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Trinity Kings 10
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On June 10th Trinity Kings 10 is live on FITE! First fights are already announced and in the main event is Toby Misech vs Georgii Eivas - two hart-hitting fighters against each another in a match for the Trinity Kings Super Fight Belt.

Check the already announced matches below:

Main event - Trinity Kings Super Fight Belt
145lbs Toby Misech vs Georgii Eivas

Co-main event - Trinity Super Fight Belt
135lbs Joey Bird vs Keenin Cohen

Amateur MMA

135lbs Jeff Nojo vs Garren Millare
155lbs CJ Kahepuu vs Blaise Reum
170lbs Nohili Kahepuu vs Billy Jacobs

145lbs Eli Olsen vs Josiah Lagazo
145lbs Bobby Davidson vs Todd Takeuchi
275lbs Don Auau vs Aimoku Miner

170lbs Brandon Burgos vs Dan Chow
135lbs Ron Aurelio vs Nainoa Branigan
135lbs Anthony Strap vs Akeem Coit

125lbs Tyler Paolilo vs Dylan Sheldon
155lbs Greyson Lee vs Kwinn Guilerrmo

135lbs Ron Aurelio vs Nainoa Branigan
265lbs Don Auau vs Aimoku Minor

135-145lbs Erin Terranova vs Cori Storey - kickboxing
145-155lbs Joven Lopez vs Mackavelli Cueto - teen kickboxing
120-130lbs Demas Martin vs Elias Wachi - teen kickboxing
Sunny Santiago vs Dyson Jose - teen kickboxing

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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