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Ultimate Boxxer Six Pack

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays till November 23rd, 2020


Ultimate Boxxer - a la carte or 6 event package options

ULTIMATE BOXXER is a unique brand designed to offer a platform to help recognize fighting talent. This series provides a transparent and independent platform for boxers who aren't getting the fights they need and deserve to take it to the next level. We've created something special for the boxing fan and the promising new British Boxing fighters alike. Enjoy!

Ultimate Boxxer 1 - Welterweights - August 19th
Ultimate Boxxer 2 - Light Heavyweights - August 26
Ultimate Boxxer 3 - Middleweights - Sept 2
Ultimate Boxxer 4 - Cruiserweights - Sept 9
Ultimate Boxxer 5 - Super Middleweights - Sept 16
Ultimate Boxxer 6 - Heavyweights - Sept 23

Poster and Selected Action

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