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Ultimate Legends VIII
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


13. Clem Taylor vs Codey Owens
12. Baris Nezif vs Donphillip Fretton
11. Atdhe Bunjaku vs Robbie Harris
10. Nasar Kassab vs Yusef Popal
9. Baris Kilic vs Isaac Tomlinson
8. Sam Summers vs jack Jenkins
7. James Hackett vs Cem Deniz
6. Daniel Saunders vs Ryan Cotton
5. Mohamed El-Haouli vs Callan Hampton
4. David Barigiel vs Jack Perin
3. Nazir Hadara vs Bernard Temu
2. Chris Said vs Cameron Dunlop
1. Wen Jin vs Kahow Lee

Poster and Selected Action

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