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VAMAA Kickboxing, Muay Thai, K-1 May 23
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On May 23rd VAMAA is back on FITE with it's next event! This time the main event of the evening is for the first ever title of VAMAA in Victoria. It will be K-1 rules match where Jamie Lewis takes on Phil Dacruze for the Victorian Title!

The fight card has well over 31 matches in kickboxing, K-1 and muay thai! Check them below:

Victorian Title - K-1 rules
27. Jamie Lewis vs Phil Dacruze

26. Emmanel Milios vs Gabriel Lococo – Kickboxing
25. Holly Bedyn vs Brittany Smith – Muay Thai
24. Jason Hall vs Christos Fassoulidis 1w – Muay Thai

23. Matt Massuger vs Daniel Chen – Muay Thai
22. Sam Buttery vs Pantellis Tsimpinos – Muay Thai
21. Brendon Smith vs Deng Atem - K - 1

20. Allan Nguyen vs Flynn Peluso – Muay Thai
19. David Glassy vs Mitch Mcdowell – K - 1
18. Dylan Johnson vs Don Cunningham – Muay Thai

17. Mislav Horvat vs Kobi Grant – Muay Thai
16. Michael Ksz vs Denis Owani – Muay Thai
15. David Cosgrove vs Liam Slaven – K - 1
14. Zane Brenif vs Ben Stenhouse – Muay Thai
13. Abdul Jan vs Rohullah Sarari – K - 1
12. Mathew Walker vs Corey Smith - Muay Thai
11. Visesio Saina vs Ben Hannas – Muay Thai
10. Breeanne Kelly vs Shari Davis - Muay Thai
9. Jacoby Mott vs Dillion Wickham – Muay Thai
8. Benedict Tivisini vs Biera Viatuu – Muay Thai
7. Unter Shen vs James Lewer – Muay Thai
6. Albert Ng vs Quan Duong – Muay Thai
5. Daniel Mathews vs Jack Clay – Muay Thai
4. Jayden Vasica vs Nathan Ayzelman – K - 1
3. Jawad Rajabi vs Dipesh Emres – Kickboxing
2. Connie Brown vs Jen Pain – Muay Thai
1. Erin Carter vs Shari Davis – Muay Thai

*fight card subject to change

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