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    Circus Tavern, Purfleet, United Kingdom
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Danial Crook-May vs Josh Grunsell - MMA Title - 77kg
Mario Pinto vs Alin Constantinnescu - MMA Super Title
Emanuel Mandisas vs Aurel Nyosztor - MMA super title - 73kg
Marcus Stephenson vs Erol Raif - MMA super title - 70kg
Dontel Forrester vs Alfie Hawes - MMA 77kg
Bill Lawence vs Ade Kuckles Edun - MMA - 90kg
Ben Earl vs Andrei Caras - MMA - 84kg
Matt Rodgers vs Mihai Balint - MMA - 77kg
Jake Rawlings vs Lewis Barton - MMA - 84kg
Michael Mcavoy vs Jamie Dartnell - MMA - 77kg
Mantas Kondrtavicius vs Arvydas Pumputuis - MMA - 85kg
Dre Harpa vs Jake Fotheringham - MMA 66kg
Ben F.U.G.King Claude vs Rob Earls - MMA - 78kg
Oliver Irons vs Conan Barbaru - MMA - 77kg
Craig Sheridan vs Catalin Pintilie - MMA 75kg
Liem Jones vs Ricky Miah - MMA - 70kg
Josh French vs James Hitchcock - MMA - 61.5kg
Bobby Ivaylov vs Dan Reeve - MMA - 66kg
Grant Hays vs Sandro Tevzadze - MMA - HW
Simeon Powell vs Charlie Tullett - 84kg

Poster and Selected Action

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