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We Love MMA 33
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Fight card:
Rene Wolfrum vs. S. Schoendube
Eric Blaser vs. Saeed Yunesi
Erdem Arel vs. S. Sultanachmedov
Kam Gairbehov vs. Gabriel Budz
Andreas Grzywa vs. Mike Lehmann
Tomasz Lisowski vs. Marcel Gubisch
Said Elderbiev vs. Paul Häcker
Max Handanagič vs. Ensar Akbayir
Emre Sivas vs. Iman Samarghandi
Yassine Soliman vs. Tomasz Skrzypek
Fabian Weissbrot vs. M. Ehrhardt
Umut Celen vs. Maysam Schafie

Poster and Selected Action

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