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World TeamTennis 2020
Final, August 2nd
Official PPV Replay

* Included unlimited replays


World TeamTennis 2020: Final live on FITE on August 2nd! We are very excited to find out who will be the winner! Expect a thrilling event, full of excitement and action! Tune in, order today and watch on FITE!


  • July 22, 2020

    What WTT means?WTT is a professional tennis with the innovative team format co-founded by Billie Jean King in the 1970s. World TeamTennis is recognized as the leader in professional team tennis competition and features many of the world's best players competing annually for the King Trophy. WTT season 2020 includes 9 teams. Every team has players in singles – men's and women's, doubles – men's and women's and mixed doubles. In the period of 12th-30th July are the playoffs of WTT tennis and each team plays 14 matches. Every match …

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Poster and Selected Action

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