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Wrestling Weekender
WAW Saturday Show 2 Feb 2017
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included

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New Beginnings - WAW carry on where it left off in 2017. we head in to 2018 with a explosive show with new names and fresh story lines.
Heading into the new year we have a new WAW undisputed World Champion King Kendo is set to defend and retain his world title of the course of 2018. New WAW open light heavy weight Champion Johnny Storm has has requested to defend his title as much as possible during this year.
The Knight Family welcome all new challengers who want to step into there company and try dethrone them.
The return of the UK Hooligans who promise to Capture their WAW undisputed tag team Titles and much much more.

Poster and Selected Action

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