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WSC Africa Warrior King
The Forge
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Fight 1
(Winner Of Obinka Chigozie Vs Isaac De Legend) Vs (Winner Of Stephen Abbey Vs Samuel Ogodenabe Obinah)

Fight 2
(Winner Of Emmanuel B. Osujvs Esoe Franklin John) Vs (Winner Of Choteau Christophe Vs Apoaya Faruk)

Fight 3
(Winner Of Baba Nadjombe Vs Albert Isaiah) Vs (Winner Of Horatius Alonu Vs Elmehdi Chakri)

Fight 4
(Winner Of Daniel Emeka Eze Vs Shido Boris Soto) Vs (Winner Of Jonathan Euro Vs Amicha Francis)

Fight 5
Winner Of Fight 1 Vs Winner Of Fight 2

Fight 6
Winner Of Fight 3 Vs Winner Of Fight 4

Poster and Selected Action

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