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World Wrestling Council
50th Anniversary
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On June 24th, WWC presents Anniversary 50, the most important show in the history of Puerto Rican pro wrestling.

Main Event for the historic WWC Universal Championship: Intelecto Cinco Estrellas defends his tittle against Carlito.

Influencer vs Legend: Boxer, influencer, and pop culture star, The Champion, Gallo The Producer vs The Icon, Chicky Starr.

Winner will be WWC's Director of Operations, with two surprise guest referees picked by the wrestlers: The Greatest of his Generation, Ray González vs Eddie Colón, formerly known as Primo Colon.

Professor vs Student: Puerto Rico's number one wrestler, Xavant vs El Mesías, Ricky Banderas, formerly known as Judas Mesias, Mil Muertes and Mesias.

For the Puerto Rican Heavyweight Championship: The Showman, Mike Nice vs Dominican Republic's greatest export, El Macho Dominicano de 7 Suelas, El Bronco.

For the WWC Tag Team Championship: La Artillería Pesada, Thunder & Lightning vs La Maldita Revolución with ‘Pretty Boy' Orlando Toledo.

Finals, to crown a new Caribbean Heavyweight Championship: The Precious One, Gilbert vs. The Dragon, Nihan.

Bronca Boricua, a traditional Puerto Rican Battle Royale Match, and the winner will receive the historic Abdullah The Butcher Cup. Talent from the past and present will compete to determine who is the best in WWC to honor Abdullah's impact in the history of hardcore wrestling.

El Nene de las Babys, JC Jexxx & Puerto Rico's biggest LGBTQ representative, Pulli La Bella vs El Informante & Sr. Anthony.

The legendary Hugo Savinovich returns to WWC to be the official Spanish commentator for the event. Veteran wrestler Matt Striker will be the official English commentator for the event.

Host: Vitín Alicea returns to WWC 23 years after getting slapped by Ray González.

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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