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WWL High Voltage, Episode 2
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Last week we crowned a NEW WWL World Champion when Mike Mendoza controversially defeated "El Fenómeno" BJ. But the war between both sides continues on this episode when part of Mike Mendoza and Tommy Diablo's army and the most decorated tag team in Puerto Rico wrestling history, "The Mercenaries" Thunder & Lighting face off against "The King of this Generation" Star Roger and "The Future" Justin Dynamite. Also, the "Copa Súper Crucero" tournament to crown a new Super Cruiserweight champion present another First Round Match when "The Athlete" Manú squares off against Androide 787. And in action from the "liga femenina" (women's division), the unstoppable force of Nancy faces Génesis.

We are on the road to our first Pay Per View - PENA CAPITAL in August!

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