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On April 9th XPW returns home to Los Angeles for the first time in the last 19th years for it's first King of the Deathmatch Tournament in over 2 decades at the world famous Derby Room in Pomona, CA.

"Killafornia" will feature a 16 man King of the Deathmatch Tournament! Already signed are: Shlak, G-Raver, Hoodfoot, Dirty Ron, Masada, Matt Tremont, Big Joe, Sage Sin Supreme, Necro Butcher, Shane Mercer, Orin Veidt and Eric Ryan.

The Violence in this Tournament will be talked about for generations to come!!!

Also in the lineup are some of the world famous XPW X girls - Jasmin, St. Claire, Veronica Caine & Jessica Darling along with a special tribute to XPW legend and former King of the Deathmatch Champion Supreme!!!

Plus Willie Mack, Silas Young, the Return of Vic Grimes and Pogo The Clown and many more to come!

Check the King Of The Death Match 2022 first round death matches below:

Eric Ryan vs Juicy Finau
Necro Butcher vs Hoodfoot

Sledge vs Sage Sin
Big Joe vs Matt Tremont

Vincent vs Orin Veidt
Shlak vs Dirty Ron

Shane Mercer vs Pagano
Masada vs Lucky 13

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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