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Xtreme Kickboxing
The Return
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On July 1st Xtreme Kickboxing is coming live on FITE. The fight card will have 10 amateur kickboxing fights followed by 6 amateur Muay Thai fights and in the main card there will be 4 Professional Kickboxing fights. Check all the matches below:

James "Bones" Haley vs Jason "The Jaguar" Jones
Romeo Orosco vs Andre Small
Jose "Scarface" Montelongo vs Melvin "Awesome" Harris

Josh "Hercules" Biggs vs Demetrius "The Tiger" Gardener Professional
Levi Plaugher vs Nivlek "Cut Em up" Lewis
Kyle Ohare vs Bruce Lalicon

Josh Jacobs vs Dillon Davenport
Solomon Pwamang vs Corbin Seezox
Eddie Sevastos vs "Big" Terry Snyder

Dan Thomas vs Tyrone "The Titan" Robinson
Dajour Sparkman vs Zane "The Sparkplug" Finley
Hamad Albasheira vs Tom "The Train" Yakubik

Nedim Tasalam vs Nathan Miller
Anthony Monachino vs Dawson Yoder
Andrew Recklaw vs Jon Geib

Andrew Hukill vs David MCClaskey
Blayze Rodgers vs Tobiaus's "freight train" Taylor

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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