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Rifftrax’s No Retreat, No Surrender a #FITEMovieEvent

October 13, 2020

FITE, the premiere global digital platform for sports and entertainment announced the PPV carriage of the classic 1986 martial arts movie, No Retreat, No Surrender, - but – with a twist.

This version of the film comes with a comedic Alternative Commentary released in 2015 from the folks at RIFFTRAX, the creators and original voices of Mystery Science Theater 3000: Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy and Mike Nelson. Known for skewering all types of cinema, this trio holds nothing back from wisecracking their way through the entire film.

To fully enjoy the experience, you'll need a sense of humor. And $6.99. But – you'll also get replays. Because it's FITE. We do that. A lot.

The film stars Kurt McKinney as Jason Stillwell, an aspiring martial artist who trains in his dad's dojo and is inspired by the legendary Bruce Lee. One night they are harassed by a crime syndicate, and intimidated by a Soviet fighter named Ivan Krachinski, played by none other than Jean-Claude Van Damme. The family escapes to Seattle (? – look we don't write the scripts, people)… where Kurt is bullied and finds it hard to fit in. He visits Bruce Lee's grave to pray for help. That night he is visited by "the soul of Lee" with guidance, and, apparently, free training from the master himself. No one's looking that gift-horse in the mouth.

Later on, Jason and his friends enter a local kickboxing tournament, where the crime mob also shows up, with none other than…wait for it…JCVD, er, Ivan, challenging all competitors. Ivan gets in a bit of a tussle with Jason's girlfriend, and well, THAT buster, is the final straw. Don't miss the fight-filled denouement that will set the world right once again.

This special movie showing premieres on October 18th – which is – JCVD's BIRTHDAY!

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