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Wrestling Revolver Once Upon a Time in IOWA! HOT TAKE

January 10, 2022

Once upon a time.

With those simple letters, the imagination sparks. We are immediately transported to a galaxy far, far away. We are whisked away by nostalgia and hope and wonder. We journey through destinations both familiar and unique, waiting to see how the story unfolds before us. Our senses explode as we are entranced by the sights, the sounds, the feel and even the smell of the masterful journey we undertake.

One upon a time, warriors clashed. Good vs. evil. Protagonists and antagonists collide. Brawlers battle. Combatants war. Heroes strive. Villains destroy. We've heard all the songs before but yet we sing them again, because all of humanity is united in one truth - that we all live vicariously through something.

For the loyal viewers of FITE, combat sports is that story, it is that song. Professional wrestlers are the heroes they cheer and the villains they sneer at, even if what defines a hero and a villain in professional wrestling is never, ever the same thing twice. In a world that eschews normal and embraces the insanity, once upon a time means that the lights are about to go down, the bell is about to ring, a referee is going to become the third person in the ring and all eyes in the building will be centered on a squared circle to see how the story unfolds this time.

In the world of professional wrestling, there are many cities and many events, but when it comes to Wrestling Revolver, on January 16th, a different type of story will be spun, a tale just a bit askew will be revealed and when the final chapter is carved in blood and bone and dreams, it will be another unique one of a kind tale that can only be found on FITE.

Once Upon A Time in Iowa, Wrestling Revolver made Clive the center of the professional wrestling universe and you were right there to witness it happen so you could pass that story on to the rest of your friends and family and tell them about the night….


Alex Colon is one of the scariest men on the planet but Jake Crist won't stand down. Last time Wrestling Revolver presented Tales from the Ring 4, Colon scored the victory in a Four Corners of Pain match that saw blood and bruises pour like rain. While Colon had his hand raised back in October, nothing has been settled and the stakes have been raised. The first-ever Scaffold and Light Tubes Deathmatch in Revolver history will main event Once Upon A Time, presenting a new chapter in violence that will be carved into the minds and imagination of FITE fans worldwide.


They say there's always a bigger fish. A more dangerous fighter. A bigger foe. In the case of Australian Kaiju Jonah and The Machine, Brian Cage, they have always been that other monster lurking in the shadows. They have been the jump scare waiting to take down the last survivor. They have been the ones who have enforced their will against weaker men. So, what happens when they turn their attention to each other and go to war? Forget Jason Voorhees vs. Freddy Krueger, the true nightmare begins when the bell rings and the carnage is unleashed. Two behemoths will enter the battle and Clive, Iowa will never, ever be the same again.


Rich Swann successfully captured the Wrestling Revolver Championship this past October in a stellar ladder match, but if there was one competitor who is ready to end that championship streak, it's Phil Stamper's charge JT Dunn, the master of the rolling elbow strike. Dunn came within millimeters of becoming the champion, only to falter and see Swann score championship glory. That was not the ending Dunn came to live through and now, he's seeking to change the course of history, taking Swann down in the process.


The majestic might and tag team turmoil that comes with the reunion of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards can only be found in one place in the entire professional wrestling spectrum and that's The Wrestling Revolver. After uniting for the first time in years and capturing the Revolver Tag Team titles, the Wolves howl at the top competition Revolver can offer in the stellar dream team of Trey Miguel, who has shattered expectations his entire career to become one of the most beloved personalities in Revolver history and Myron Reed, who has proven himself to be a Major League Player from day one. This dream match will see one of the most celebrated teams of all time take on the futuristic fury of two of the defining competitors of 2022.


Ace Austin shocked the world at Tales from the Ring 4 when he upended Alex Zayne to capture the Revolver Remix Championship, but as LL Cool J once rapped, "But my rhyme ain't done." The journey to greatness will never be completed for a championship that is defended in a realm where the champion sets the rules. Austin, led to the ring by Gia Miller, will defend his title for the first time against Andrew Everett, who has torn up Impact and ROH rings in the past en route to making his own legend. Now, at Wrestling Revolver's Once Upon A Time, FITE fans will watch the chaos unfold and the history be made.


The aforementioned main events are only some of the world-smashing action that will be on display live from Iowa for The Wrestling Revolver. Once Upon A Time will feature a heated tag team attraction as Decay's Rosemary & Jessicka Havok battle the Russian might of Masha Slamovich & Kentucky's Bille Starkz as Starkz looks to avenge her recent loss to Havok.

In a grudge battle, Kaleb with A K hopes to have yet another IG Story to post when he battles the fearsome Madman Fulton. After scoring the win in the Seven Way Scramble at Tales from the Ring 4, Kaleb is hoping the odds remain ever in his favor as he looks to somehow stop the rampaging Madman, who is out for revenge.

As if that wasn't enough, the envelope of traditional competition will once again be pushed at Once Upon A Time with a no disqualification Tornado tag team bout with all six competitors in the ring battling at the same time as Team Manscout with Warhorse, The 1 Called Manders and Manscout himself go to war against The Unit, Infrared and Larry D. This twisted environment will see chaos theory in full effect with absolute pandemonium inside and outside the ring.

Then, the Revolver brings back its staple as it's a Sudden Death Scramble Match featuring some of the toughest, most athletic, heartfelt athletes anywhere in the world assembled in one ring at the same time seeking to chance the odds and achieve the ultimate heavenly victory by putting themselves and their opponents through Dante's Nine Rings of Hell. It will be Cole Radrick vs. Kevin Giza vs. Crash Jaxon vs. JJ Garrett vs. Marcus Mathers vs. Cody Lane vs. Jaysin Strife to set the stage for Once Upon A Time, as they all hope to have their hand raised and go home to tell quite the tale for their family and friends.

So, that's our story my friends. It all begins with Once Upon A Time and it ends with fantastic professional wrestling, all-out mayhem, championship dreams and nightmarish defeats. The world of Wrestling Revolver is never pretty, but no hero's journey is. They have to overcome the darkest of nights to achieve the greatest of glories. The men and women who strive for excellence in Wrestling Revolver are no different, except they have you to live alongside them as they tell their tales.

One Upon A Time, January 16th, live on FITE.

Come and see how the story ends.

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.