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Wrestling Revolver
Once Upon a Time in IOWA!
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On January 16th Wrestling Revolver presents Once Upon a Time in IOWA live on FITE! Check the full lineup below:

Scaffold & Light Tubes Deathmatch:
Alex Colon vs Jake Crist

Hoss Fight:
Jonah vs Brian Cage

Revolver Title Match:
(Rich Swann vs JT Dunn w/ Phil Stamper

Revolver Remix Title Match:
Ace Austin vs Andrew Everett vs Dante Martin vs Blake Christian

Revolver Tag Titles Match:
"The Wolves" Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards vs "The Lil Rascalz" Trey Miguel & Myron Reed

"Decay" Rosemary & Jessicka Havok vs Masha Slamovich & Bille Starkz

Grudge Match:
Madman Fulton vs Kaleb w/ A K

No-DQ Tornado Tag Match:
"Team Manscout" Manscout, Warhorse, & 1 Called Manders vs "The Unit" Larry D & Infrared

Sudden Death Scramble Match:
Cole Radrick vs Kevin Giza vs Crash Jaxon vs JJ Garrett vs Marcus Mathers vs Cody Lane vs Jaysin Strife

*lineup subject to change


  • January 10, 2022

    Once upon a time. With those simple letters, the imagination sparks. We are immediately transported to a galaxy far, far away. We are whisked away by nostalgia and hope and wonder. We journey through destinations both familiar and unique, waiting to see how the story unfolds before us. Our senses explode as we are entranced by the sights, the sounds, the feel and even the smell of the masterful journey we undertake. One upon a time, warriors clashed. Good vs. evil. Protagonists and antagonists collide. Brawlers battle. Combatants war. Heroes …

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