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Tyler Bereman talks about FMX FITE Klub


On July 28th FITE presents FMX FITE Klub. Live action of Whips, Quarter Pipe and Step ups.
Tune in and listen to what Tyler Bereman says about the Event.

Matt Striker: Thank you so much for joining us. How are you doing?

Tyler Bereman: I'm doing great. I'm just actually out here riding at the place that we're going to be competing so super stoked on that, getting a little time on the course. And you know, this is obviously not something that we getting to do every day. Usually, at this time we are getting ready for X Games, but with COVID-19 and that kind of stuff, it's not happening. Thanks to FITE and platforms like this we are able to do what we do.

Matt Striker: July 28th, 8 p.m. Eastern - FMX FITE Club. Let's talk about the event a little more. The disciplines, they're gonna be three of them. Best Whip, which you know really well. Quarter pipe and Step up to those that have never seen that. Can you talk to us about what those are?

Tyler Bereman: So from the outside, looking in Best Whip, it's basically where we with the motorcycle are upside down, backwards and every which way. So it's panic crazy once you see it, you know how heavy a motorcycle is, it's not supposed to be turned in certain ways, and, It kind of defies gravity, in a sense, so other than that, we're writing the Quarter Pipe. The Quarter Pipe is absolutely insane. It's an 18 foot ramp and a 25 foot dirt landing, and the ramp is basically like 86 degrees. And the Step up. That's a jump 13 feet tall and you're basically trying to jump over the bar. You're trying to clear the bar each time. It's pretty simple. If you don't clear the bar, you're out. So that should be fun. Should be a challenge for all of us.

Matt Striker: It's all the best riders in the world and we've talked about it so they don't have the outlet to do it anywhere else. And I think that benefits the fans here, and all the new fans that they're going to come to see what you guys do now. I understand you had your heroes, like, literally painted on your wall. Now let's fast forward. There could be like a little kid and I don't know Modesto as like you painted on his wall. How does that feel? That full circle?

Tyler Bereman: Yeah! It's one of those things, it's the crazy Full Circle thing I certainly will never take for granted because if I'm able to do what I love and of course I put blood, sweat and tears to get where I am at. But if I'm able to inspire kid along the way and be to do what you know, my heroes did to me when growing up, then that's all worthwhile. And it makes everything worth it. So, you know, if I inspire kids along the way, that's way cooler, more exciting than any amount of money your medals and stuff is just inspiring that next generation to do what I do and chase your dreams.

Matt Striker: So if people want to find out more about you on social media before the 28th of July, where can we find you?

Tyler Bereman: Instagram: @tylerbereman

Matt Striker: Before we let you go, I want to thank our friends at Day Trader Challenge and partners Tupelo Honey, the reason I bring them up is so Day Trader Challenge like a unique creative thing for those who want to bet on the stock market. And Tupelo honey is a production company. You're pretty big on creating content as well, right?

Tyler Bereman: I grew up racing, supercross, professional Motorcross. I'm completely just trying to create content at all times. And one of my main sponsors is Red Bull. I've been doing so much content stuff already that will be released in the future of future projects this year. Stay Tuned!

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